Transforming The Gulch. WRKN

This News2 Extra takes a look at the past, the present and the future of The Gulch, which is finding a new identity heading into the future…. It is with a tremendous sense of pride that Bill Barkley tours the inside of his new Terrazzo in the Gulch. Barkley of Crosland Tennessee was among the first to see potential in this old rail yard. That was over a decade ago. Terrazzo, Nashville’s first LEED certified high rise for environmental friendliness is one of several new condo projects that Barkley feels speaks to more than just this neighborhood’s future.

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Terrazzo Hosting Cutting Edge Art Exhibits. WPLN

Getting attention in this economy and saturated market can be hard—especially when what one wants to sell is contemporary art and high end real estate. A Nashville developer and local art gallery are trying for a competitive edge by combining marketing efforts. They’re doing it by hosting cutting edge art exhibits in unfurnished lofts of a new downtown high rise. WPLN’s Adrienne Outlaw reports.

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