Volume Control: Keeping the sound down in urban, mixed-use projects

Photo from Form Magazine articleForm Magazine.  Urban noise is not a new problem, but as the population grows, and people live, work and play in closer proximity to existing transportation corridors, the imperative to accurately assess noise impacting these adjacent properties becomes more acute. Terrazzo, a mixed-use project in the up-and-coming Gulch section of Nashville, Tennessee, represents one development that addressed these issues from the start. Sound-rated window assemblies – laminated glazing, thick glazing or large air spaces between panes – were recommended to reduce exterior noise intrusion. Solutions for decreasing potentially excessive noise transmission between tenants and residents included incorporating sound-isolating partitions. The noise and vibration generated by mechanical systems could be cut down by incorporating internally lined ductwork, silencers, selecting quieter equipment or routing ducts over less-sensitive spaces. As Terrazzo was being designed for LEED certification, formaldehyde-free glass fiber insulation was specified and installed after the assessment. By recognizing and designing for the impacts of noise pollution both inside and outside of the building, Terrazzo has proven to meet the needs of the occupants, without sacrificing the project’s sustainable goals.  Read more…

Terrazzo’s new 3BR model home.

Terrazzo 3BR Model LRSpacious corner floorplan with a wrap-around view.  

The sun rises and sets in Terrazzo’s 3-bedroom floorplan, which features floor-to-ceiling windows looking east, south and west…and a huge corner terrace to enjoy spectacular sunsets and evening views.  The spaciousness of the wall-to-wall windows and large rooms inspired the interior design of this model home. Kelly Coty of Prix de Solde created clean, striking room designs that complement the openness of the space.  The open furniture placement in the living area welcomes guests into the room. In the bedrooms, Coty used a non-traditional placement of the beds along the window walls. And she used unique crafted pieces — such as the hand-made bed in the east bedroom — to add interest and warmth to the sleek, modern environment.

This 3BR/3BA floorplan has 2,090 SF with a 152 SF terrace. Starting at $520,000, only two 3BR flats remain, and they are a great value! The only other 3BR residences at Terrazzo are two-story penthouses.  

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